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There are many ways you can help in the lives of poor kids via Bosco Mangaal.

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Bosco Mangaal Activities in Building a Better Society.
Making the world a better place to live.
For more pictures visit our picture gallery at Bosco Mangaal on Picasaweb Bosco mangaal Facebook twitter Don Bosco Imphal Manipur India 795001 Chingmerong Charity Poor Kids Fr Mc George Fr RX Francis Bosco Mangaal is an Organization based in Imphal, Manipur, India. Bosco Mangaal has a wide range of services to reach out the young people in general, poor children who do not get the opportunity to attend school, children living with & affected by HIV and the people living with & affected by HIV. It Started in October 2002 by Fr. MC George in Don Bosco high School, while at Chingmerong, Imphal, Manipur, India. Help Bosco Mangaal in reaching the poor section of society.